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Welcome to Wikitourism - the free, up-to-date website for all types of information useful to the South African tourism industry.

This important "access to information" site is the initiative of and is powered by the Tourism Enterprise Partnership (TEP).

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Are you looking for information about the tourism industry?

You've come to the right place! Wikitourism is perfect for anyone in the tourism industry either looking for something specific, like a copy of the tourism act, or those who are just interested in the latest trends and happenings from across the globe.

The site is full of information on virtually any topic that you can think of. Just use the traditional navigation or even quicker, the search facility. We also welcome any contributions that industry players would like to add. If we don't have what the info you're looking for, let us know and our researchers will be on it in a flash.

You don't need to register if you just want to browse the site, there is no charge to access Wikitourism and we are not using any form of tracking software.

For any enquiries or comments, please contact the Wikitourism team. We welcome your input.

What's New

Please note that not all updates to the website appear in this section, due to a lack of space and the pace at which documents are currently being uploaded. We would recommend you rather use the search facility or hyperlinks to find the specific documents.

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Reports, articles, research, toolkits, academic papers
  • Rail travel: Conceptualizing a study on slow tourism approaches in sustaining rural development - This study from Malaysia explores how rail travel could be used in assisting with the rural development of tourism. Full Document
  • Top 10 Sub-Saharan Cities for Consumer Spending Growth by 2030 - An extensive overview of 24 first- and second-tier cities in Cameroon, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa in a recently published white paper reveals particularly dynamic growth shifting from the region’s mature consumer markets in South African metropolises to the urban areas in other Sub-Saharan countries. International Tourism Research
  • Governing National Tourism Policy - this report by the WTTC looks at the highly relevant issue of inter-governmental cooperation in the support of tourism growth in countries, and the challenges that face many governments.
  • Economic Impact of Trade & Consumer Shows in Toronto - This report provides the summary economic impact findings based on a large number surveys conducted with visitors to trade and consumer shows, exhibitors staffing booths at these shows, the companies that organize and manage trade and consumer shows and their exhibiting companies.
Latest Media Releases
  • The Tourism Enterprise Partnership (TEP) announces that it has been appointed by Carnival City Casino and Hotel as its preferred Enterprise & Supplier Development (ESD) partner.
  • Fair Trade Tourism joins forces with Botswana's Ecotourism Certification System
Fair Trade Tourism, May 2016, Tourism Tattler April 2016, Tshwane Tourism Association April 2016, UNWTO March 2016, The Diamond Route First Quarter 2016, Tourism Tattler March 2016, Tshwane Tourism Association March 2016,


Adventure Travel World Summit 19 - 22 September 2016


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